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October 13, 2004 Naver Café's first 'Magic Teacher Negima!' Beginning as a fan cafe, '' continues its life as a WIKI that covers all the works of the artist Akamatsu Ken. '' aims to provide a variety of information by building Akamatsu world by collecting DB for all works. We ask for your support and support.

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  • Please make sure to set the classification when you create a new document. This can be done in the form Classification:Page Name.
  • Please start the first item in the form of ====== Title ====== for document title and search exposure.
  • If you find typos, typos, or misinformation, please leave a message on the Wikipedia.
  • Reading Wikipedia before you write your work notes can help you a lot.
  • If you are not confident in Wiki grammar, you can practice writing freely in the practice room.
  • Prohibits non-participatory 'unauthorized premises' of this Wiki.
  • And this is not a place to improve the quality of other Wikipedia. Please don't spread it for making an encyclopedia. I want you to know the author's efforts.
  • However, if you want to include some information, please indicate the source.
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