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Manga 「A.I. Love You」 WIKI

「A.I. Love You」 WIKI 「A.I. Love You」 Manga


'Hitoshi' isn't tall and unable to study or exercise well. However, he has a tremendous skill that will not be defeated by anyone, so it is a PC program production!

He is keen to develop an AI(Artificial Intelligence) program that girl he wants, and to talk to her. In reality, she was the only woman who could be comfortable talking to 'Hitoshi'.

One day, when lightning strikes Hitoshi's house, a high-voltage electric flows into the Hitoshi's computer, and a 'Thirty' that could only exist in the computer appears in front of Hitoshi's eyes… A love story with a cute and friendly 'Thirty' begins.

Manga info.

A.I. ga Tomaranai!
Relevant country
USA, Canada, England
Serial information
English Publisher Tokyopop
Magazine not serialized.
Serial period not serialized.
Number of Episode 55 episodes in total
Volumes 8 volumes in total.

Tokyopop was licensed to launch this series in North America in 2003. 8 English Comics Announced Between February 3, 2004 and April 12, 2005. Tokyopop announces that the series will be out of print on August 31, 2009.

Book List

8 volumes in total. (2004.2.3 ~ 2005.4.12)



Release Info.(Japan)


Release Date Book Name
2000/11/02 A.I. Love You! 0->9


Release Date Book Name
2005/09/10 OP#4 A.I. Love You! Perfect Illustration book

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